Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Conflict of visions

1. Comment in reply to another comment on Warner Wallace's video on the Old Testament's touches of knowledge about the cosmos.

The putative conflict between science and 'faith' is not about the ordinary facts, hypotheses or ever-changing theories of science. It is rather, about the modern underlying dogma of materialism that dominates the philosophical attitude of most modern scientists and indeed, ordinary people.

This is the conflict: has God spoken the cosmos into existence, or is is merely an unexplained 'given' that means nothing. At root the conflict is of worldviews. The worldview of metaphysical materialism (which undoes itself oxymoronically) on the one hand that tells us that nothing means anything (no one lives that way, by the way) and on the other hand the worldview of the Bible is that everything means something because it is the creation of the loving God.

2. The video opens with comparison of Genesis 1 and modern neo-Darwinian evolutionary synthesis. This comment also appears:

Some valuable material here. I would object to the idea that the creation order in Genesis 1 contains science, though. What it contains is a report of factual events. The only 'science' pretended is evolutionary dogma, and that is not science, it is a rehash of ancient mythology. In itself it is a non-credible attempt to say that life made itself by accident; that the vastly complex information system and its material carrier producing interlocking chemical processes 'just happened'. An assertion that has no basis in observation.

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