Saturday, December 20, 2014


I'm preparing my children for Christmas activities at church on Sunday (tomorrow). They'll be dressed as angels (you know, immensely powerful spiritual beings who go in ones and twos, or groups of 10 million) to perform Born is the King. It is a bit tricky, with some understandable reluctance with some chln to be in the public eye; but I think its good to get familiar with the stage.

One of the benefits I've found in church life has been the encouragement from my early adolescence onwards to participate as an adult in the adult world: in church 'services', on committees, and in various ministries, with guidance and mentoring from others (before we made a song and dance about 'mentoring' as though it were just invented by American management consultants).

I'm pleased that at our church we are starting to involve children in our regular services: praying, reading the Bible, contributing to music. It can be nerve-wracking for younger ones, but I hope they grow with the experience.

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