Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday School 1

I'll probably post a pile on Sunday School, so I might make it a label as well as number this one.

Below is an image from a hand out given at church today, from no. 266 of Glimpses of Christian History, on Henrietta Mears. Below her '10  Commandments of Teaching (not a good start that she wants to bring the 10Cs, even by reference, into the Christian era).

Nonetheless lots of nice objectives and motivations here.

As I reflected on Sunday School, I recalled a friend of many decades ago (friend who went on to mission service in south Asia, full time local ministry and administration in Christian organisations) who impressed me when she mentioned that she'd taken her Sunday School class of young girls for a picnic to the park near her home. I'd not before come across a Sunday School teacher who shared their time with their class outside the class time thought it such a lovingly humble thing to do. I hope that kindness stayed in the girl's minds.

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