Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Sunday

One of my favourite films is "Big Wednesday". I'm not that interested in surfing, the film's subject, but it rings with me with its themes of loss and anticipation, of unfolding life, of connections strained and was Big Sunday in a completely other sense.

Communion, being the first Sunday of the month; communion isn't 'big' in Baptist churches, compared to my years at St James...think patronal festival--that's BIG; but the hymns were great. We started with Be Thou My Vision, which always moves me: upwards. The sermon was a tag-team effort with our two girl ministers taking us through the Shema. Another 'very good' part of the service.

I also met LeeLing who was here for the first time with one of her grandchildren. She was lovely and true to the meaning of her name (you have to find that out).

While I write, with family out, I'm listening to a recording of Brahams String Quartets, up loud.

None of this is the 'big' of the title.

The 'big' of the title is the announcement that we are to forge ahead with the extensions to the church premises. The estimate is about $2.75 million for what is called a 'growth-in-contact' extension. Knowing how Quantity Surveyors estimate things, I'd say $3 mill. We were asked to consider our support for the project. Now it hits home: I might have to shelve, or at least adjust my plans for a new Ettinger portfolio case! Not hard, I think...well, yes hard...but I know which is the more valuable in the mind of our Lord.

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