Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now, let's talk "worldviews"

I, and probably you too, have heard of 'Christian world view'. Sometimes in the plural.

It sounds as though there is a worldviews supermarket somewhere, and one can take the one one likes; or even mix and match the more congenial bits from a number of these offerings.

Not so, methinks.

There is no 'Christian world view'. But there is the world as created, in all its physical, metaphysical and spiritual dimensions. Either we live in that world, or we don't. Of course, there are various responses to the world that is (and the God who is, and who is personal), with varying degrees of congruence with the world that is, and none of our responses are completely congruent with the one world that is (as Hilary Putnam might say, but for different reasons to me). Maybe it is these that are 'worldviews'. But this means, that with varying degrees of congruence with the one world that is, some worldviews are 'righter' than others.

We must always seek to test our concept of the world with the Word of God, or we are only testing it with our own bellies.

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