Sunday, November 20, 2016

YouTube sermon

For a change I went to the 'youth' service this evening. The speaker didn't call it a sermon, but a guided discussion (shades of Brookfield).

Was good!

He used a video from The Bible Project, also at YouTube. He showed the heaven and earth video in the 'guided discussion'.

Reminded me of a professional seminar I attended recently that used about half a dozen apt YouTube videos in a two hour session: made a great seminar then, and was effective at church as well.

But, discussion? In the typical speaker-audience format doesn't even work that well in professional seminar, so it is unsurprising that it would be just 'guided' and no 'discussion' with a bunch of younger people. I'm also sure he didn't want me to derail his view of the definition of 'post-modernism' as part of discussion. He was close, but no cigar.

Nevertheless, the idea was great: discussion good (back to Brookfield, above).

Another great website he mentioned was TopVerse website. My favourite translation not there, but good site nevertheless.

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