Monday, January 23, 2017

I know who you are!

Back to the sermon-prayer-sermon-prayer of Sunday.

So many riches in that session!

During the sermon part of the prayer part of the sermon we were all told that God had given a couple of 'words' to the pray-er. One was that there were some people in the congregation seeking to be Christians. Well, there may have been, but no need to make a song and dance about it. Indeed, in a congregation of  younger people, odds-on there was some such person, so just get on with it and try not to make people feel singled out. Hardly a respectful or edifying thing to do.

The second 'word' was that some in the congregation were anxious about the future; about everybody would be a fair bet: start of year, uni or school about to start, work likewise. Now, it is good to bear such matters in prayer, and I found the core prayer in this regard encouraging. However I was irked by the pray-er's request that those who considered themselves in the target group for the prayer raise their hands; some sort of clerical voyerism at work, I dare say! Not necessary, not helpful and not good, IMO. One does not impose such juvenescent humiliation on people.

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