Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just five?

Today two of the blogs I read promoted the idea of five points modeling the biblical narrative. I like the idea of structuring the Bible; maybe that's the way we need to teach it.

From Ponderings on a Faith Journey we have:
Boring borrowed the exercise and laid out a brief and memorable summary of the biblical story – Creation (Genesis 1-11) Covenant (Genesis 12-Malachi 4), Christ (Matthew-John), Church (Acts-Jude) and Consummation (Revelation)
 From Tim Challies review of The Story of Reality:
creation, fall, redemption, consummation, and new creation
 But the one I like I heard decades ago at a conference:
creation, crisis, confusion, covenant, Christ, church, consummation
It brings the pivotal events of early history into the story and stops the Bible being a ethereal exercise not grounded in the events and chaos of human experience. The idea of 'five' is not bad: just like the number of fingers on one hand, but I think 'seven' has a bit more of a ring to it: seven days in the week ties it recursively to Genesis.

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