Monday, July 10, 2017

After we meet

In a previous post, I suggested that after the church 'service' we break, then hold an optional 30-40 minute study session.

If your congregation is large enough, I'd suggest a couple of study groups. Bedrock: that would do the  basic framework of faith, and Landscape: deepening understanding of the Bible, theology and other topics.

The sessions could be split into 2/3s content and 1/3 questions. Questions and discussion are essential for learning. I'd also have worksheets that people could use to revise (another great way of embedding knowledge). That would build into a handbook. I'd also have a members-only blog for questions and discussion through the week, and I'd put links and other content on it.

Each week we would also encourage participants to learn a topic relevant verse of the Bible.

The formal sessions would run in step with school terms, with the off term sessions recapping the term's content and covering other material.

Twice a year would be either a retreat of one or two nights away or a full day session to explore some areas more intensely.

Here's how the one year Bedrock program might work:

Easter (autumn)
  1. The Bible: text, context, structure and themes. Treatment of Pentateuch and prophets.
  2. Person and work of Christ: based on Mark or Luke, but drawing out the theology.
Pentecost (winter)
  1. Church history
  2. The early church, based on Acts
Ecclesia (spring)
  1. Overview of Christian doctrine: based on the Apostles' creed
  2. What is 'saved': based on Galatians
Advent (summer)
  1. Living the life: two units; based on Ephesians and James.
  2. Arrival: all things new: based on Revelation.
Between terms and over January would be sessions to recap and to deal with apologetics and polemics, other religions and para- and non-Christian cults. These would be run as seminars with discussion, debates or short presentations by members.

(The names of the terms are based on the Christian calendar and the invented term 'Ecclesia' for 'ordinary time');

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