Sunday, July 9, 2017

What to think about Islam

Not a big issue in our area, but one for which we should be equipped.
I've met Muslims at work, as I guess most people have, and have found them universally to be lovely people, and the wonderful thing is, they are very happy to discuss  spiritual matters.
Indeed, I've acted as referee for one Muslim colleage, and have assisted a Muslim friend of a friend with some legal action.

But we need to know about the religion itself. Much like Romanism, Islam might be OK in small doses, but once it gains the ascendency, freedom evaporates. However, Muslims are people we must bring the gospel too: they are excluded from the life of God becuase they think 'works' and don't know 'grace'.

Some resources that might be of interest:


Answering Islam

Political Islam

And on YouTube:

Acts17Apologetics, Pfander, and a couple of interesting videos: Islam, the untold story, A 1400 year secret and How Islam Began.

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