Monday, December 25, 2017

A visit

I visited my old church, St James, Turramurra, Christmas eve evening service. 7pm. A 'traditional' time, but it works. Why do the cool modern churches have late afternoon services at 5, 5:30, darn good. 7  works.

A nice tight friendly dignfied and completely full service. Good music well performed, all went so well...and very musically creative work by the drummer sycopating merrily with the bass and floor tom. I loved it.

Both the sermon and remarks by the rector were good for the occasion: short, to the point, adult and mature (that is, not corny, in-language, or hectoring).

Ran into some old friends, lots of familiar faces, now aged by many years, of course (me too, I guess).

A nice cap to the day.

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