Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holiday from church

Being holiday time I took holidays from church, and went to another church. I'm trying to find one where they don't start with two songs/hymns sung consecutively. I think I'll be out of luck on that one these days!


The church I went to did feature decent Bible readings (note, plural) from both First and Last Testaments, and decent place for prayer: after first songs we said the confession, then the lector gave an extemporaneous prayer, then we ended in the Lord's Prayer. Nice. A well thought out prayer at collection as well.

I was less impressed by the speaker's prayer. He was 'channeling' God!

I also liked the church bulletin. The list of prayer suggestions was balanced and intelligent and a passage from the Psalms was printed.

Come to think of it, why don't we have passages from the Bible displayed around our church buildings? Are we being neglectful of an opportunity?

Coordinate this with encouraging people to memorise scripture, we could have a hundred or so passages that we rotate every couple of months in the foyer, on the auditorium walls...could be very good.

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