Saturday, February 10, 2018

World justice

Our small groups at church are enjoined to keep issues of 'justice' and 'poverty' on the table. We were given a hand out with a bunch of organisations that might assist in this.

A Just Cause, covering issues of refugees, environment and indigenous. So I guess they support government policies to prevent economic opportunists from paying smugglers to ship them to Australia, and drown along the way, support active economic expansion to create the wealth that has given modern economies the best environmental performance of any industrial economies in history, and encourage indigenous Australians to embark on economic enterprises to lift themselves from poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, family and tribal violence and child abandonment...but then, maybe not.

Micah Australia is similar. But I bet they don't promote free enterprise, property rights, equality before the law and access to education. I'll bet they promote the dead ends of foreign aid and taking other people's money to squander on delivery channels while the poor are trained to stay poor.

These Christian objectives have been hijacked by well-meaning Christians who reject the evidence of recent centuries to seek to apply watered down (and sometimes full strength) proto-marxist non-solutions with irrational enthusiasm that make some (the promoters) feel good and others (the target groups) experience bad.

I come around again to the idea that the best and only programatic good we can do is continue to expand gospel mission to bring people to know their Creator. Then everything changes.

Oh, and there was dress for success, to help disadvantaged women make good. And for disadvantaged men? Nothing, of course.

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