Saturday, February 10, 2018

Youth group is shallow

I was talking to one of my neices about her youth group. She volunteered that it was boring. At least, the discussion/Bible study was.

Studying Colossians the group was asked what Paul would think of the youth group (yes: !!!!!!!).

She replied that as she didn't have a clue about Paul's thought, she had no idea. So let's find out about Paul's thought!

Young people are smart, aware, see problems, have questions and want answers.

This quote from CT was apposite (The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry, Andrew Root and Kenda Dean):
Young people are not bored by theology. They are bored by theology that doesn't matter. Theology is the most relevant of all disciplines; it is reflection on what God is doing with us, in human time through the Holy Spirit, as revealed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ—which is why theological reflection can never be separated from life itself. Theology begins and ends in life's concrete situations, and presenting it as anything else will surely misfire.

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