Sunday, June 17, 2018

Talk about it #2

This session of conversational evangelism was the last I'll attend, unfortunately, but it was a goodie.

I can only wish that I'd experienced this training about 45 years ago: my high school years and early adult years would have been without the spiritual pressure to 'witness' on the harangue method that was then current in evangelical churches.

This is the proper way, starting with 'earning the permission to speak' by being a genuine friend, acquaintance or even conversationalist. Then a simple 45 second opening: what being in Christ means to me and without any church or theological terminology.

Then it goes from there. Of course my previous post about what detractors might say and to deal with genuine questions remains important, but to break the ice in a calm and non-confrontational atmosphere is of the utmost importance.

Practice in this at youth group would have been very helpful too. Still would be these days.

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