Friday, June 1, 2018

We've missed one third!

I picked up a flyer from BaptistCare today. It listed the 'service highlights', including for domestic violence:

On a proportional basis of DV victims, a lot of services are missing: where are the 80-odd men who attended support group programs, and the 35-odd women who completed behaviour support?

What about the 35-odd men and children assisted with housing?

Not there, are they. This is not addressing the real problem, which I would expect a Christian organisation to do!

This is not truthfully dealing with the real-world suffering of both men and women, but the political smoke-screen of marxist-feminist rhetoric that would propagandise us to its anti-male rancour.

"Care you can trust", or "Care you can't quite trust"? Seems like the latter to me.

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