Sunday, January 20, 2019

Keeping secrets

The church has all the answers, but it doesn't listen for the questions.

In the West, we are largely incipient materialists; some are even express materialists.

As a result we (Christians excluded, but sometimes deluded by the materialist conclusions) are rudderless, with the only 'truth' being that 'material is'. It's almost a re-working of the naturalistic fallacy: that one cannot get an 'ought'  from an 'is'. (Hume and Moore) but this time it becomes: there are no 'oughts', only 'ises'.

This means that the person and their opinions, interpretations (but of what) are all that counts, there is no immaterial reality to embed them in or refute them, so that is all they have. And thus, post-modernism.

Genesis' creation account does away with this and gives the firm ontological basis for our immaterial reality: God joins this as being really real, but not exhuastively real in his Creation (Gen 1-2:4, etc.)

What is really real is not atoms and energy, but the loving relationship of the three persons of the trinity: love, community, wisdom, will...

The material is a result of loving will (marred by the fall) and can only be understood in those terms. Otherwise we are is the West today.

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