Friday, January 11, 2019

Stop it, stop it!

Why doesn't God stop evil? Why?

Zacharias and Piper both give answers to this question.

Neither is right!

Both miss the point that we live with backs turned to God, in rejection of him.

Its not about free will or determinism, its about spiritual adultery, our being out of relationship with our creator in wilful rejection of him.

They miss the fact of rejected relationship in Adam, and restored relationship in Christ.

The detractor wants to know why God doesn't come along like some soft of ontological waiter to serve us what we suddenly demand...that without seeking restored relationship we want God to repudiate our rejection of relationship with him; this he doesn't do, because its about relationship, not some sort of 'do me a favour but I don't want to relate to you' manipulation.

Out of relationship with God, we live in the consequences: evil: the operation of God's negation brought by Adam's 'go away God' moment...then demand that God comes back on our terms, while we want to contiue the adultery. But this only comes by Christ who restores relationship as we reject the adultery that separates us from God!

The detractor rejects God and wonders why she lives in this rejection, and wants it overturned on her grounds, without repentance. Its not going to happen.

What has happened is God has overturned it on his terms; new life, restored relationship and the promise of always being his.

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