Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bush Church Aid

My letter to the Bush Church Aid Society:

We have for many years looked forward to the BCA magazine and prayer news arriving every couple of months. We have visited workers in the bush from time to time and been in parishes that have supported bush churches.

In this most recent issue I was taken by the Aboriginal art work that wove Christian imagery with Aboriginal 'cultural' imagery (presumably the boomerang depictions, but perhaps other things). In itself probably an innocuous gesture, but as I read that it was part of the BCA 'Reconciliation Action Plan' I was shocked.

It is the church that has brought benefit to aboriginals spiritually, practically and politically over about two centuries in Australia. It is Christians who cared when no one else did. It was Christians who studied aboriginal languages and committed them to text when others couldn't be bothered.

Above all it is the gospel by which we know each other as brethren irrespective of complexion, ethnic group, family background and personal circumstances. The very idea of a RAP is yet another empty 'virtue-signalling' gesture by the rich white city folk to assuage their consciences with meaningless posturing. We are above that vanity! The gospel is a transcending higher calling than a RAP, so why does an institution and mission effort as the BCA bother with the conceit of worldly self-aggrandizement?

We are so disappointed that you have placed the church as subservient to a panicked piece of social manipulation that turns brothers and sisters into sub-groups of 'them and us' that I no longer wish to receive your publications.

Please remove us from your mailing list.

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