Thursday, May 23, 2019

How a teenager might read the Bible

I was recently asked by one of the members of our church youth group for some ideas about reading the Bible.

The question was about which books, which order, etc.

Here are my thoughts.

1. Genesis 1-11. Find out where we come from.

2. Mark's gospel. Yeshua (aka Joshua, tr Jesus) about his mission on earth.

3. Joshua: the people of God, escaped from Egyptian captivity moving into the promised land.

4. After Joshua, go on to read Judges: the exploits of the first centuries in the promised land.

5. Colossians: who Christ is.

6. Nehemiah: the re-building of Jerusalem's walls.

7. Philippians: encouragement for the Christian life.

8. Acts: the founding of the Christian church (the body of believers together).

9. James: more on living the Christian life.

10. Exodus: the Jews' escape from Egyptian slavery.

11. Matthew's gospel: a more detailed account of Yeshua's mission.

12. 1 Samuel: the organisation of the kingdom of Israel.

13. Galatians: the theology of God's grace.

14. 2 Samuel: David's reign in Israel.

Then, read through the NT from Matthew to Revelation

Following, read Genesis to Deuteronomy, scan over the bits that interest you less.

All the while, seek to read a Psalm a day or so. Skip the ones that don't attract you.

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