Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hey, I've got spirituality too!

It's like everyone is 'spiritual'. It even gets a mention in the media these days. Spirituality.

But the spirituality of the world, of navel gazers, crystal huggers, tree claspers and pretend Buddhists (and real ones, for that matter) has nothing to do with the creator Spirit of God.

Modern Western 'spirituality' is a sham because it is:
  • Disembodied
  • Individualistic
  • Withdrawn, and
  • Cerebral
None of these are Christian!

Christian (real) spritiuality, life engaged with and regenerated by the in-dwelling Spirit of God is:
  • Bodied: how we act and what motivates us is part of us
  • Loving: in and of community, not the individual
  • Involved: with, by and for others
  • Enacted: with our Lord, his people and his Word.
 If follows our Lord: as he 'did' in the world, with real people, so do we.

The world's spirituality-sham is merely a deluded, solipsistic, 19th century-romantic manifestation of The Religion of Me, with its rite of gazing solipsistically at a pretty scene.

The spirituality is divorced from the real world; not as in the 'nasty real world' to escape from, but how the real really is: community, love and being in and with. If spirituality is not this, then it is not real.

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