Thursday, July 25, 2019

How to do morning coffee

From time to time I wonder why the comfortable middle income demographic has become less than interested in church participation (I mean 'church' in the NT sense).

I now know.

This morning I was invited to morning coffee at a cafe by a church person. I turned up at the cafe and saw a table with seats for about 10. Half were occupied.

There was the strange air of quasi formality about it, in a 'hidden agenda' sort of way. Like a BWS* meeting.

Upon all places being filled, the convenor beamed at everyone and 'now that we are all here, let's go around the table and introduce ourselves and say one thing about yourself'. One of the other 'guests' said 'let's not'.

So we didn't.

I think adults, particularly from the older (upper) middle income demographic have sufficient social skill (a) to look after themselves and (b) not to ask 'guests' to do embarrassing things in public. Although the request was more naff than embarrassing. But it is embarrassing to do a naff thing, I must agree.

Anyway, we successfully introduced ourselves to those we didn't know and chatted amiably.

Mission accomplished, I guess.

(*BWS?) Oops, I meant BFS. OK, Bible Study Fellowship

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