Thursday, August 29, 2019

More on Bible reading

Extending my plan for Bible reading, I now include the OT in my fast reading (that is, read like its a regular book, in large chunks at a sitting).

After I've finished the NT in Phillips and the NEB, I plan to read the Sexateuch (Pentateuch plus Joshua and Judges) in NEB.

Following that I will do the NT in the NASB, then the NT in the NRSV (my second least favourite contemporary translation).

After that, the OT history books in the NEB, then NASB, to follow in that order the rest of the OT.

Interesting parallel between the OT and the NT: both start with a theological ground-setting of four books: the pentateuch in the OT and the gospels in the NT, capping this off with the establishment of the 'church': Joshua on taking Israel into the Promised Land, and Luke on the first years of the church.

The greatest parallel between the OT and the NT is lost on we English readers, with Yeshua translated Joshua in the OT, and Jesus in the NT following the 'Greek-isation' of the Hebrew. The parallel is 'Joshua/Yeshua' both take their people into the promised land: Joshua into the Promised Land, and Yeshua into the Kingdom of God!

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