Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Stop teaching Christians

I've done quite a few posts on teaching. I was wrong.

J. Warner Wallace told me so. He said stop teaching young people. I infer from that 'stop teaching anyone'.

His point is training. Teaching is about knowledge. Training is about doing it. Both together and you practice with knowledge.

He's right.

Training gets you used to the cut and thrust of conversation, even of debate. When you know how to, you do calmly, and with composure. No pressure, no panics, no rushes of fear. You are convincing.

So no Christian should hear any challenge to their faith first from a non-Christian. They should hear them first from their Christian mentor/trainer/teacher. They should hear them in mock debates, in simulated conversations, in 'hot spot' discussions.

The way a hot spot works is you give your group five discussion topics that will be addressed. Then the next week, after time to research, spit the big group into 5 groups and randomly assign a topic to each, and randomly pick two people for and two people against. Each pair has a go at the objection and its rebuttal in conversation, then the group talks about the dialogues.

Plenty of info on topics at the Colson Centre, Reasonable Faith, Coldcase Christianity, Stand to Reason, Gary Habermas, Christian Thinktank, Dr Clay Jones, Answers in Genesis, CMI, WhatisChance, Dallas Willard, BeThinking. And that's just for starters.

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