Sunday, April 26, 2020

Wood, evil and being sceptical

I came across David Wood's video of a talk on evil and scepticism.

Two of the comments appealed to me:
All the sceptical positions fail on one of two points: they (an evil person) want to define 'good' or they define God on their terms, not God's. So they set up a straw man. If they started with 'God is holy, God is love and created us for life with him, but we reject life with him, so why is there evil?' The sceptical position collapses under its own weight.

And, when it comes to 'natural evil', or, better 'natural suffering' this also redounds on the sceptic. 'Bad' things happen in the world because we selfishly devote our resources to other than wise use of the world. Then, to the sceptic, 'so, what are you doing to use your resources (financial, intellectual, physical) to better manage the world? However, in an evolved world, this is what you have. Random stuff. On your view, Sceptic-person, you can't even start to comprehend bad stuff.
The puzzle for the materialist atheist, or any non-personalist, is the source of their basis for even detecting evil, of putting an ethical value on something which, in their world, is merely randomly unhelpful to a particular objective at a particular time.

My first question to such a person is "how do even know that there is any objective evil? All you have on your world-view is transitory subjective inconvenience."

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