Friday, May 1, 2020

Bible reading plan update

Diligent readers will recall that my plan included reading Psalms of a morning.

One's not enough. I now read two a morning...or a day with the occasional non-morning dip into the book.

So that means 75 days to read the whole collection. Twice a year means 150 days for Psalms.

I don't want to overdo it on Psalms, so I have to add other books.

Proverbs...Lamentations...Song? No, I find Song a little cloying (can I say that?). Job? Ecclesiastes?

Plenty of candidates.

I'll try Proverbs, Lamentations between blocks of Psalms, then perhaps Eccles.

Still room for another round of Psalms.

Maybe I've got to slow down on the Psalms.

Let's see, 1 a day...about 5 months worth (and worth is a good word here), Proverbs and Lam/Eccles for two months, then back to Psalms.

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