Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pondering creation

Much is written on Genesis 1 with the trivial banality that 'it is not a science text'. Yes, we know that! It is history; the foundational history of God's creation of the setting of the concourse of creature-in-his-image and him.

Here's my diagram as to how it works, with a 'modern' conceptualization of what the 'ordinary observer' descriptions might indicate.

The sequence is 'book-ended' with God at the start and God's image-bearer at the end. In between a trio of consequential cascades.

Before: God in his aseity; after, God in his rest.

It is concluded with God's 'rest' from creating, meaning he has finished creating, and now over to the image-bearer to care for, use, enjoy the creation and in it grow in fellowship with the maker.

The importance of this comes clear in Exodus 31:12-17. A passage that follows the 'skilled craftsman passage about making the items marking God with his people, emphasized by Man sharing God's rest: being with him enjoying the completed creation. Thus the seriousness of breaking the Sabbath: if you don't want to enjoy God, so be it.

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