Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Surprising questions

I sometimes listen to the Stand to Reason podcasts. More frequently, I read the titles or the blurb, and decide to not listen. Life is too short for the questions some people ask (and some people would see the need to answer):

'God is the threat and a rescuer' (brought to you by Calvin's theology-fiction more a statement than a question!).

'Was there a definite point (sic) in time [moment of time?] when the Old Covenant ended and the New Covenant began?'

'Why couldn't Jesus have paid for our sins by dying of old age?' [more amusing than daft]

'How do I answer the challenge that Jesus may have just had a near-death experience?'

'Should we seek interpretations of our dreams as they did in Joseph's day?'

'Would leaving a 'seeker-friendly' church for better teaching be too petty a reason to leave?'

Wow. That's all I can say, 'wow'.

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