Friday, November 20, 2020

Atheism is?

A transcript of a segment of a podcast by Greg Koukl:

Atheism is the idea that there is no God.

It is not a 'lack of belief' in God. This is not what atheism is.

It does entail the idea that the atheist lacks a belief in God but they don't lack a belief about God. They are not without belief regarding the subject; they have a very firm conviction about it - a belief - and that belief is that God does not exist. When it comes to God there is none! That is a belief!

When I say 'belief' I don't mean 'mere' belief, maybe they have reasons for it, but a belief is just holding that something is so and that is one of those things.

People don't write books about non-beliefs and they don't hold lectures and have debates about non-beliefs.

They talk about their beliefs and this case atheists a belief that God does not exist which means they have no belief in God but they do have a belief about God.

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