Friday, November 13, 2020

How not to help

 In the 2017 Worldview Apologetics Conference in Bellevue WA the first questioner got the ol' stony statue treatment.

She asked about the JW's Nestorian claim about Jesus not bodily resurrecting, but passing into a body-like form occasionally to impress the disciples.

She asked how this might be dealt with by a Christian.

From the panel she got stony faces, mental foot shuffling, and some pretty poor responses, from some pretty smart people who one would have thought could answer from general Christian knowledge.

He JW interlocutor raised the episode in Luke 24:36ff and Genesis 18 where Abraham met the angels.

First, the JW has to prove that Jesus was not  raised bodily. Not just claim it from their own ideas, but prove it from the scriptures (even theirs). Then they can try to prove why almost everyone got it wrong until their founder revived Nestorianism.

Next they have to explain why Jesus went out of his way to demonstrate both a physical death and a bodily resurrection when they claim that neither happened.

They are leaping in to pagan philosophical idealism here and thinking that God demonstrates things in this world he created by not doing things, but only appearing to do things that are in fact disjoined from his creation, and thus meaningless in the creation in which they are demonstrated to be meaningful.

Then they have to explain the point of the charade if it is the charade that they claim, when the claim that Jesus had no real soteriological function attached to his bringing the kingdom.

Being Nestorans or Arians, they of course will dismiss all your arguments and avoid all your questions.

See here for more.

Also this is a useful article generally.

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