Monday, June 21, 2021

Pastor burn-out

The rector at a relative's church talked about 'pastor burnout'. He talked about the challenges of 'leadership'.

There, in one fell swoop he identified the cause.

To the extent that US heroic 'leadership' is touted as the role of a pastor, elder, organiser, administrator or governor (words today transmuted in to 'leader'), the role is removed from the church and its sacred trust underminded.

We have shepherds (pastors), not 'leaders'. We are led by the Spirit of God, we are followers of Christ. The Pastor's role is to assist us in that walk. To teach, pray with, succor and keep the church within the apostles way.

In a larger church the pastor's main role is to disciple those with direct ministry functions (ministry coordinators, we call them in my church) and help them develop pathways to discipleship for their ministry teams.

Secondarily, it is to participate in the conduct of our gatherings.

Everything else can be done by the other members of that local church.

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