Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Spiritual CPR

Letter to Hillsong
I overheard a conversation between a Hillsong outreach man at UNSW and a bloke who asked him what he would say to a person who had 60 seconds to live.

The Hillsong fellow said nothing for about 45 seconds, then, "I'd ask him what his most memorable experience was."

You need to teach your front-line workers salvation CPR. 60 seconds to save his life, so tell him the gospel in simple non-religions terms that he can understand within his pagan worldview and repent.

Every person who is any meet the public role is a front line worker. They are the commandos, the SAS of the Christian mission.

Each and every one of them must be able to answer, coherently and confidently, in simple every day language any standard question about Christian faith.

They must be able to explain the overall Biblical description of reality, man and God, they must understand the Biblical 'world-view' and why it is different from atheism/materialism, paganism, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism. 
They must be able to explain why Messiah is the only way to restoration of fellowship with the creator God.

They must be able to explain the place (in the flow of Biblical history) and reason for all the major books of the Bible.
And then, rebut the common ignorance about the Bible and its base documents.

They must be able to give an honest and reflective but simple statement of their own faith, why they are Christian, are part of a church, pray and read the Bible. 

In the army, the guys fronting the attack are the best of the best, not backroom dopes. You need to be the same. Every front-line person must be thoroughly grounded, apprenticed and eager to enter into a gospel-directed conversation.

They must be expert in spiritual CPR.

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