Saturday, March 26, 2022

Enneagram, Women and Men

Much to learn from here. A comment to "Gospel Truth or Pagan Lies" at

I'm glad he mentioned the enneagram; this piece of NewAge pabulum has regrettably found its way into the undiscerning in the church who are, like the world, detached from the worship of our Creator-Redeemer and so must seek the resolution of sin the made up world of the enneagram as it is here. The enneagram works by confirmation bias. Being self -centred we tend to see in it what we want to. Mitch Pacwa has done good work on exposing this particular piece of charlatanry in the Christian Research Journal .

OTOH, I must take issue with the family 'roles' at 21:25.

The family in the scriptures is not a command structure. Paul's instructions in the occasional epistles are to oppose the paganized destruction of relationships, where the 'earth mother' is supreme over the male and respect for the male is deprecated. Paul says that women are not to teach this, and indeed it was Adam who was made first and Eve as his helper. I.e. Adam was one who needed help.

Thus, a married man who doesn't listen carefully to the advice of his wife is a fool in the making. Further he is to sacrifice for his wife as Christ for the church. in Galatians it is clear that there is no hierarchy of difference between the sexes ('neither male nor female'). Furthermore, we are taught in Ephesians not to frustrate our children. We must bear that in mind at all times, difficult as it can be. Kindness and putting the other before self are the underlying imperatives of Christian life.

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