Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Peter Singer

The humanist philosopher Peter Singer is giving a public lecture in a couple of weeks.

A friend and I have prepared a brochure to hand out there.

We'll mix with the participants heading inside and seek to hand it out, maybe converse.

Maybe we'll ask our youth worker to come along and help, along with the Christian group from our local university, a world top 50! It must have some of the brightest people in the world (sorry, fallacy of composition) studying there; but  I'll bet none of these are interested in really seeking to take the gospel to pagans: not to 'John 3:16' them, but to prompt curiosity - check Paul at Athens. Acts 17. It ended with some wanting to hear more. But also to listen to pagans to understand them, to develop conversation skills.

No, the whole church is in retreat!

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