Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 habits 2

Now that we're past the rule-bound structure of the 5 habits, let's think: how could it work.

What counts is (a) relationships, and (b) content. I would think that most Christians ('think' based on listening to them talk) would be unable to really explain Christian faith to another either theologically or in terms that make sense it today's language, today's thought forms and the other's life-world. Nor would they be able to defend it in the face of the ever present mish mash of philosophical materialism (which half the church supports anyway), new-age panentheism, and solipsistic consumerism.

But here's an approach that thinks through some of those things.

Its an article by Rich Robinson What can we learn from atheist Christopher Hitchens, published in the Jews for Jesus Australasian Newsletter July 2016.

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