Monday, July 11, 2016

Just kids?

In some church services there's an uncanny habit of the service conductor (that is, the one conducting the service: I do like the Presbyterian term 'moderator' for this role) to speak as though we the congregation, are junior Christians, as distinct from the 'senior Christian' rank of the conductor.

That is, we are talked down to, and not as equals striving in the life of faith.

It occured on Sunday, and I'm sure it was inadvertent, and maybe it was my own mood that misread the words, but the conductor spoke as though we were all new to the vicisitudes of an adult Christian life.

That's Baptists for you...the front person often arrogates to themselves a depth of experience that they deny others. This is particularly true if the person is young (under 30) and a musician.

At heart I must be an Anglican, because I find none of this in the Anglican Prayer Book: BCP or AAPB; not sure about the most recent one, as AAPB is my preference.

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