Sunday, January 14, 2018

Not even wrong

At last we have installed a small grand piano. Much better look and sound than the back room bar piano we had hitherto.

At the speaking-down-to-you sermon this morning Teilhard de Chardin was quoted. Something about we are not humans living a spiritual life, but spritual beings living a human life.

Ironically this was in a sermon that started with Genesis 1: we made in the image of God; then that was individualised, rather than left in Genesian terms that humanity (as a collective, a community) is made in the image of God.

We then lapsed back into Sunday School mode, continuing the heretical individualisation of a collective status, to tell the person sitting beside us that they, then we were made in the image of God...we avoided this in my row.

I was itching to say to the sermon-feller that I thought de Chardin was a fiction writer....[wait for reaction, then explain]....philosophy fiction to be precise (following Peter Medawars risible lampoon of de Chardin).

Then I went to the hardware shop to buy some cleats. A much better experience.

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