Saturday, January 6, 2018

People of the book

This is what Christians are: people of the book, the Bible, for slow learners.
However, you go into one of our meeting places: an auditorium in a church building, and what do you see?
No book anything!

In older church auditoriums I've seen plaques showing the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, but nothing similar in modern buildings.

It is even rare to see a Bible passage on a church bulletin. Although I've seen such recently, as above.

However, here's an opportunity for a revival of the old Christian art of illuminating (manuscripts). Look, for example at the Lindisfarne Gospels or the Book of Kells (a page from which to the left).

I wonder why we don't have displayed on the walls of our buildings lots of illuminations (in modern form) of verses and short passages from the Bible, or even classic Christian prayers, creeds, the confession, etc?

Embarrased? Didn't think of it? Couldn't be bothered?

They would give the opportunity for people to contemplate scripture in quiet moments in the service, or before or after. Particularly auditoriums that are open for 'quiet reflection' could have these to aid that quiet reflection.

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