Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Religion is for...

Quote from Pfeffer's Leadership BS, p. 40:
...religion seeks to provide believers a sense of personal control, a belief in the fairness fo the world, and a feeling of meaning and purpose...
So we know that Pfeffer has no real contact with Christianity; I don't know about other religions.

  • sense of personal control? No: sense of being able to bring benefit and growth out of the visissitudes of life through faith in Christ and his indwelling Spirit.
  • fairness of the world? No: understanding of the complete unfairness of the world and as actors in the world are empowered to think and act contrary to this...through faith in Christ and his indwelling Spirit.
  • feeling of meaning and purpose? No: understanding of why our actions, thoughts and beliefs are meaningful, and that purpose is the reality of human affairs, becuase God created a real and significant and meaningful creation.
He goes on to quote Freud (this is the equivalent of quoting an alchemist for metalurgical advice)

These [religious ideas]...are not the residue of experience or the final results of reflection; they are illusions, fulfilments of the oldest, strongest and most insistent wishes of mankind; the secret of their strength is the strength of these wishes. We know already that the terrifying effect of...helplessness aroused the need for protection...Thus the benevolent rule of divine providence [or a benevolent leader] allays our anxiety in face of life's dangers, the establishment of a moral world order ensures the fulfilment of the demans of justice, which within human culture have so often remained unfulfilled.
I wonder what experiments Freud did to establish this pack of pooh tickets?

Again, Christianity is not in this, nor would be Judaism, noting that is Freud's own religious context.

Serious Christians have notably taken on vast risk, danger and frustration in pursuit of their mission (I think of missionaries, ministry entrepreneurs and even people who in ages past sought a monastic life and today a paid ministry). Nor do we seek a 'moral world order' we live knowing that this side of the revealing of Christ there will be none and our mission is to live out the new Creation that the Spirit equips us for.

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