Tuesday, June 23, 2020

But what about earthquakes?

I've discussed the atheist and human depravity: all our thoughts are evil all the time (Bible ref), but how does that make earthquakes?

When A&E chose idolatry over their relationship with God; as custodians of the material cosmos, they effectively ejected God from their lives and the place God created as the setting for fellowship.

Kick the builder off your land, tear up the contract for your new house, repudiate the warranty, and don't complain when he doesn't turn up to repair the leaks, the shifting footings, the sagging roof beams, the de-bonding tiles in the bathroom. Heck, he won't even come back to fix the dripping tap.

Once one thing in a perfect cosmos is imperfect, the whole cosmos is imperfect. God's curse is his custodial separation from his creation because his creature-in-his-image has separated from him.

Further to that, most of our experience of 'natural' brokenness can be put down to our own mistaken cupidity: there is no boon here, but as we misplace our efforts, misjudge our environment and invest in it foolishly, we get bad results: we build cities on fault lines, we build houses in flood plains, you get the picture. And it goes on. We invest in weapons rather than medical research...we have to...but that's the choice we make.

We decide DDT is bad for bird eggs, so we let countless millions in Africa die of malaria. Our doing, not Gods.

The list goes on.

Put a fool in charge and you get fool outcomes. Simple.

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