Thursday, June 11, 2020

What's your story?

Getting the story right is essential to a coherent presentation of the gospel. If we don't get the story right, then the gospel either hangs in mid air, or gets retrofitted into their story.

Most people have some sort of story of reality...or maybe I exaggerate. Maybe most people don't have a coherent story of reality (because if the story is not The story, it won't be coherent).

Today, the implicit story, and sometimes the explicated story of reality is this:

Once upon a time there was material. And here we are.

If we aren't clear on our story; The story. People will try to attach the gospel to their story of Evolution. It won't work.

It will make our story look dumb, or meaningless, or be relegated to a non-reality. Whichever way, not good.

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