Sunday, June 7, 2020

Course reading

If Christians were serious about educating people in the faith, they would run seminars, and they would have readings with the seminars.

The Australian Christian Lobby has a commendable program 'GPS'. I don't know if it comes with pre-readings or even readings to accompany each seminar, but either way, if I was running it, my pre-readings list would be this:

Required reading:

Greg Koukl's trilogy: Story of Reality, Relativism, and Tactics (in that order).

Encouraged reading:

Francis Schaeffer's trilogy: The God Who Is There, He is There and Is Not Silent, and Escape from Reason.

Background reading:

Olsen, the Mosaic of Christian Belief.

Recommended reading:

Moreland and Craig: Philosophical Foundations of a Christian Worldview

Geisler: Christian Apologetics

Mittelberg: The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask.

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