Thursday, July 30, 2020

I've got a feeling God is telling me something for you...


Let me know when your 'feeling' turns to knowledge and he's clear about what you are to say and to whom.

That's how to handle the faux 'prophets' of today.

Remember; in the scripture, there's never a mistake about 'hearing' God. It's never uncertain. God can make himself heard unequivocally.

Justin Peters has the fully skinny on this.

It reminds me of people who claim to 'heal' or do 'miracles', like Christian faith is a sideshow.

Call me when someone who claims to heal does so instantly and fully. No cajoling prayers, like you've got to persuade God; no sweating over repeated demands of God...just a simple word did the job in the New Testament. It should do so today too, if its the same God you are seeking.

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