Thursday, July 9, 2020

Let's go to Mars Hill

When Paul was on Mars Hill (Acts 17), he saw it as an opportunity to take the gospel to the public square.

What do we do today?

An Anglican clergyperson of my acquaintance appeared on a national TV talk show along with Lawrence Krause, the famous atheist-materialist scientist.

The ACP (Anglican Clergy Person) when it came to the question of origins and the place of Genesis, decried the view that (early) Genesis has any historic content and the people who held that view, but that Krause should leave such people to the ACPs to deal with. "Deal with"? What does that mean?

That was the choice on national TV: say that the entirety of the church and its worship of God is based on things that didn't happen!

Then said ACP went on to say that he was on the side of the 'new atheists'. Talk about rattling an empty can.

Here was an opportunity to tear into Kraus's materialism, his atheism and indeed his lifestyle. Instead it was like Paul on Mars Hill merely discussing the Greek poets with their admirers.

When you are on national TV, you defend the gospel and proclaim it for the audience of thousands, not adulate the twerp in the seat next to you.

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