Friday, July 17, 2020

Only two religions

Yep, only two.

So, it must be pretty easy for all religions to be basically the same: only two.

But no.

The two are:
  1. man does stuff to save himself (the 'cult of me') = man first
  2. man does nothing to save himself, but God in his grace has done it all = God first.
You've got it.

Christianity is God first: man full of sin and alienation, full of pride and self-satisfaction must turn to Christ. Because, man will only create more of the same if he thinks he can save himself.

Within the Cult of Me there are many sub-cults. Three of the most famous promise a sexualised 'paradise':  Islam, Scientology, and Mormonism. The pervasive 'cult of me' seeks a sexualised present, in one way or another, or purveys other distractions. These might be such fantasies as 'karma', 're-incarnation', or giving biscuits to monks.

And there you have it.

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