Friday, January 29, 2021

10 ideas your friends have

Currently I'm reading the philosophy issue of "50 ideas you really need to know".

This is a book that is at root an advertisement for naturalism. It isn't meant to be...or maybe it is as this is the zeitgeist of the clever class today.

I wanted to see what it said about the relation of the world to the person, and the relation of the person to the divine. It makes its case tendentiously, of course.

So, why don't clever Christians write books like this? That is book for a general market but driven by and explicating a Christian shape of reality?

I'm starting a new series of such books: 10 ideas you never knew you had.

10 ideas about God you never knew. By a Christian philosopher, of course; but not a Calvinist. Their ideas are tinged with too much Stoicism (as was Calvin himself)

For younger people: "10 ideas your friends have without knowing".

This would cover naturalism, relativism, self-ism, scientism, etc, and expose them all to the blowtorch of a Christian world, without necessarily ever using Christian terms.

If the Christian world shape is right. And it is, then it will reflect in the real life-world of the pagan. Paul tells us so in Romans 1:19.

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