Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The structure of a church

A church is not an 'organization, like a business. It is more like an anarchic band of partisans. Moreover it is a spiritual family, a congregation of the people of God.

This is how I diagram that.

The main thing is the congregation. Members of the congregation form into groups for particular purposes and engage in functions from time to time.

The congregation is nurtured, supported, organized and overseen by its own formal assembly (where it meets to deliberate),  by the elected board (diaconate), taught and served by the pastorate (I'm thinking the paid formally trained staff) who are all part of the congregation. The congregation, to meet its needs and serve its interests, has organizers and facilitators of groups and functions, who themselves meet for training and encouragement in various forums.

From this base the church delivers its mission of making disciples.

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