Sunday, January 10, 2021

More by Moreland

Links to some J. P. Moreland talks on philosophical theology and related areas.

Loving God with all Your Mind

LGWAYM - Q and A

Nature and Problems with Scientific Naturalism

Who Defines what is Real?

Doubts on Darwinism

Also see here for some comments

Mind and Brain

Christian View of Science

Pastors' Seminar

Real Answers to Tough Questions

Moreland at AMP Conference (Worldview)

    BTW, I wouldn't endorse the Reasons to Believe organisation, Hugh Ross has a bizarre view of Hebrew and Biblical exegesis.

The Dangerous Ideology of Scientism

Neuroscience and the Soul

God without the Bible?

Knowledge Truth Belief

 Mental v Top-down Causation

Souls and Why Do They Matter?


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