Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On the minister's terms

Back in the past, St Matthias had public meetings in Clancy Auditorium, at UNSW. Attendees were invited to leave cards with any questions on them...this was before the day of being able to Tweet questions, thankfully, and a few of us had volunteered to follow up.

I had a couple of Mormon 'elders' questions to answer, and one was as to why Jesus had been baptised if he was the son of God and therefore both divine and sinless.

Stumped me, stumped one of the paid Christians, so I was...stumped. The principal of Moore College was often in the pulpit at church, therefore he was one of our ministers. I decided to ring him. He should know, and it should be a simple question for him to answer (my theory here is that if a person really knows something they can give a simple answer).

His secretary scoffed at my enquiry and told me that he was too busy, and by implication too important, to help me. This was the beginning of the end of my participation with St Matthias.

I think I figured out the answer though: Jesus was acting as an obedient son of Israel, which was how he lived before his passion.

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