Sunday, April 12, 2015

Endowment fund

A general principle of Christian giving is that we use the resources of now for the work of now. But to stretch this a little, we could build up funds for future ministry development; maybe to provide scholarships for training, for mission expansion, etc.

It could go like this: every month those who can contribute a small but consistent amount to the MEF (Ministry Endowment Fund). At 5% return reinvested this is how it would look with various numbers of contributors, amounts and durations to build up the fund.

Big numbers produce a big fund, but being realistic, after 10 years with a large contributor base, a fund of over $150 million would be a good basis for ministry development. Only, the administering board (elected by contributors of good standing after a couple of years of contribution) would have to be tough and sagacious in dealing with requests and keeping costs down.

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